Meet the Interns! | 2014 Internship Program

We are THRILLED to announce that the Jayne Weddings & Events team is growing! With Nicole moving into a lead coordinator position, we had space to bring on a new intern. But after interviewing a ton of talent, we couldn’t just bring on one, so we chose two!

Meet Taya! Taya will be assisting us the day of, as well helping us network, run errands, schedule meetings, blog, and so much more! She is also currently working on super cool styled shoot. This girl is uber creative, we can’t wait to see it all come together!


Name: Taya Lyskanycz
School: Syracuse University ( BFA in Interior Design, see, I told you, creative.)
Random Fact: I have a surprising amount of upper body strength from rowing for 4 years on my high school crew team. (that will come in handy!)
Why do you love Weddings? The photographs will be seen for generations to come- that’s why every bride wants the details to be so perfect. Also, it’s possibly the greatest party you’ll ever throw!

Meet Liz! Liz will be assisting us the day of with all our crazy installs. The girl works on Anthro window installs, so we knew she would fit the bill! She is also currently learning CS6, so hopefully soon she will be busting out custom designs for all our favorite couples!


Name: Liz King
School: Ohio University (Go buckeyes! mmmm, buckeyes)
Random Fact: Secretly dreams of being a DJ (Don’t we all!)
Why do you love Weddings? I love weddings because the idea of being apart of such a meaningful day that the couple will remember forever is such a cool feeling. (Awwwww, we feel the same way!)

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