Gift Guide | For The Girls

We love a good gift guide and our latest intern at large put together this stellar list of goodies to gift to all your bridesmaids and other lovely ladies. Take it away Taya!

“The Bridesmaid Gift is just one more decision in the seemingly endless array of decisions surrounding a wedding. On your big day, some of the people you want to honor most are your best girlfriends- who have been there through all the ups and downs of your relationship and shared your journey to the walk down the aisle.

Regardless of your budget, the gifts should be memorable and as unique as you group of girls. Remember that the bridesmaids have been spending on their dresses, your bachelorette party, and your bridal shower. Here’s your opportunity to say thank you in a personal and meaningful way.

Because some bridal parties can grow quite large, expensive gifts aren’t always an option. Here are some ideas to suit every budget. Listed from lowest to highest price point.”


1. Monogrammed Shot glasses b/c things that are monogrammed are awesome, things that hold vodka are also awesome –  $12
2. Uplift- Dead Sea Salts because a former bride of ours makes them, and they smell as amazing as the packaging looks! –  $19
3. “Hudson Jewelry Box” in glass–  – hold your favorite bits and bobbles, what more do you need? – $25
4. Elle Est Forte {She is strong} Tankcan we just talk about how great these are? Strong message printed on a killer tee, every lady we know needs on of these! – $27
5. Custom soft-covered, sustainable photobooks. – THESE BOOKS. You can make them on your phone they are so simple, the layouts are beautiful and your girls will think you slaved away on this very personal gift – $17- $37
6. Lavender Soy Candle We can’t even begin to be able to relay how awesome these candles smell, and they last forever – $38
7. Largo Jewelry Boxits a bigger box, to put even more bits and bobbles, why not? – $40
8. “Saying Bangles” I’ll take a legit bangle over a diamond any day, check out this site, they have a plethora to choose from! – $45
9. Silver Initial Ringsits goes back to “things that are monogrammed are awesome”  – $45 (or $135 for stack of three)
10. The Born Rocker Travel Wallet – its black and gold, it hold your credit cards and and maybe a lip gloss, its basically our favorite – $95
11. Monogrammed Ice Bucket with a bottle of champagnemonogrammed, check, holds bubbly, check, screams of joy, check –  $99 +
12. Hipanema Braceletthe ultimate friendship bracelet, instead of having to tie them on, they connect with a magnate, meaning  you can easily switch them out based on your outfit! –  $118.
13. Fujifilm Fine Pix X60- Waterproof & Shockproof camera – because a picture is still worth a 1000 words, even if you drop your camera 1000 times –   $160-200 

*editors note  – Katie Jayne couldn’t help herself and added in her feelings on these gifts, these thoughts are her own and do not represent Taya’s thoughts on these gifts!


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