Making a Statement: Wedding Signage

If you’re a soon-to-be bride, planner, or just wedding-obsessed, there’s no doubt you’ve see countless signs on pinterest or at weddings you’ve attended. You’ve also probably noticed a lot of the same: calligraphy on chalkboards or quirky sayings, just to name a couple.. Well we’re here to help you think outside of the box when it comes to your wedding signage. Instead of sticking with the norm, make a statement with your signs! We’ve chosen a few of our favorite signs from some of our most creative brides in hopes that it’ll inspire something new and exciting for your own wedding.

Jenny + Eamon

Q Avenue Photo //

Our very talented bride actually painted all of her signs by hand if you can believe it! We think this ceremony backdrop is to die for and couldn’t imagine a better fit for such an artistic, eclectic couple. Also, the 3D lettering you see below is such a unique idea and could be accomplished in one afternoon or crafting with a little help from your bridesmaids!

Q Avenue Photo //

Brad & Jen Photography | Lacuna Artist Lofts


Amy + Ben


Mirror signs with calligraphy are nothing new but what makes these more exciting is the triangular shapes! I mean, seriously, how fantastic are these? Now mirrors are not the cheapest, but a plus side to purchasing these rather than renting is that you get to keep them as decor for your home afterwards!

Christian Gideon Photography | Room 1520


Caitlin + George


Another talented bride of our painted these portraits of herself and her new hubby! She included the portraits on their save the date as well as had these larger versions in her actual wedding decor. It was such a perfect personal detail and gave the space (the beautiful Chicago Athletic Association) and even more personal feel.

Sean Cook Wedding Photography | Chicago Athletic Association


Eryn + Jim


Every sign or piece of information you put out at your wedding is an opportunity to carry out your style or wedding theme. For Eryn + Jim’s day, we custom designed this colorful, geometric sign for their gift table. It was the perfect way to tie in the brightness from the rest of their day.

Julia Fransoza Photography | Greenhouse Loft


Kristine + Eric

Replace the chalkboard that’s been used a hundred times and instead use a beautiful vintage wood door for your escort card list. We covered this door with lush greenery (with the help of Fleur, of course) to give the door more warmth and excitement. Not only is this sign functional but it’s a work of art and beautiful piece of decor.

Amanda Megan Miller Photo | The Ivy Room


Marissa + Will

One of our favorites signs for such a romantic brunch wedding. EJD Design really rocked the watercolor calligraphy signage for Marissa + Will’s surprise wedding. Carrying out a similar design or style with all of your signage will tie your entire day together. And those watercolor flowers? We’re in heaven.¬†ūüėć

Christian Wilson Photography | Homestead on the Roof


Kristin + David | Jess + Rami

We just love when brides allows us to be creative and adventurous with their wedding decor because Team Jayne is all about unconventional decor. These plastic acrylic signs are custom cut and are the perfect canvas for couple’s wedding menus, timeline, or other info you may want your guest to know. Add some funky shapes like we did for Kristin + David or add a beautiful garland (thanks Pollen Floral Design) to tie in with the rest of your decor as seen for Jess + Rami.

XO Azuree | Jeremy Lawson Photography | Room 1520

A Guide to Summer Florals

Summer weddings can be some of the most romantic event around and big reason for that is the incredible floral arrangements! From bold, bright colors to whimsical greenery and even some extra large blooms, summer florals may be our favorite part of summer weddings. Take a look at some of our top picks for summer bouquets and centerpieces. Maybe it’ll inspire you to infuse some summer love into your wedding florals!

Nicole + Richie

Starting off with a favorite, Luminous Blooms really knocked Nicole’s bouquet out of the park. Those ferns and palms create such a dramatic background to the gorgeous orange and neutral blooms. Every time we look at this bouquet we see another detail we hadn’t noticed before. A lot of brides think that if they’re wedding is in the hot, summer months their bouquet has to be filled with bold, vibrant color, but I think we can all agree this bouquet shatters that belief!


Luminous Blooms | Codrean Photography

Allison + David

We talk about this bouquet all the time because we literally could not be more in a love with a bouquet than we are with Allison’s picture perfect vibrant florals. I know we said before that color and vibrancy isn’t necessary for all summer weddings, but if color is your thing–don’t hold back! When putting together this lovely bouquet, Fleur focused on these gorgeous pinks and purples blooms to bring these florals to life.

Fleur | Pen Carlson Photography

Sarah + George

We discussed neutral bouquets and bold, vibrant bouquets, but what if your taste is somewhere in between? We have the perfect bouquet for you‚ÄĒthis gorgeous bouquet from Bloom Babes. It takes the best of both worlds to create this stunning, overflowing one-of-a-kind bouquet that was perfect for Sarah + George’s California coastal wedding. The overflowing greenery mixed with blush blooms and pops or burgundy and orange give this bouquet a warmth this is definitely needed for those summer weddings.

Bloom Babes | Let’s Frolic Together

Jess + Brandon

We look at this stunning bouquet from Foster’s Flower Shop and all we can think is “bold sophistication.” The vibrant, hot pink blooms and accents are perfectly accompanied by white blooms and messy greenery‚ÄĒthe perfect way to tone down those bright colors for a softer, sophisticated bouquet. For the reception, tone down the white and bring in more colorful blooms for an unexpected pop of vibrancy.

Fosters Flower Shop | Amanda Naylor Photo

Geometric Love

Pollen Floral Design killed it with the florals for our Geometric Love shoot with Indie Wed. These bouquets scream “cute” and that is exactly the look we were going for. Pollen uses different shades of pinks and peaches with lots of bright greenery to create a charming bouquet fitting for any summer wedding.

View More:

Amanda Megan Miller | Pollen

Marissa + Will

The extra large blooms in Marissa’s bouquet from The Foxglove Studio gives off the perfect playful and romantic vibe. Their wedding was a surprise brunch rooftop affair so we can’t think of anything more fitting than this.¬† We toned down the bright colors and focused more on texture for the bouquet and used single bright blooms in bud vases to line the tables for an added pop of color.

Chicago Art Documentary Photography; Christian Wilson Photography

The Foxglove Studio | Christian Wilson Photography

Sara + Martin

Nothing says summer florals like bright orange blooms. If you love orange but are worried it may overpower your bouquet, tone it down like The Foxglove Studio does with Sara’s bouquet‚ÄĒpair with white blooms and a hint a blush for a softer, more romantic pop of orange.


The Foxglove Studio | Pen Carlson Photography


Creative Escort Card Displays

Whether or not you decide you want or need an escort card display is completely up to you and your future parter, but we’re here to share with you a few of our favorite displays throughout the years to hopefully help give you some inspiration to create something truly unique to you! There are always way to infuse a little personality into your display and we’ve compiled just a few for you here.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 2.00.03 PM

Caitlin + George’s wedding was held on New Year’s Eve and we decided to setup this gorgeous display of family photos, mementos, greenery, and escort cards in the empty bookshelf at Chicago Athletic Association. This bookshelf had actually never been utilized for an event before. So you heard it here: Team Jayne was the first! :)

Caitlin + George |Sean Cook Wedding Photography


Shelly + DJ held their wedding at Chicago’s Navy Pier (Crystal Gardens) and carried their child-like wonder/fairytale theme throughout the entire wedding decor, including the escort card display. We put together this library-inspired escort card filing box for their guests to sift through to find their name‚ÄĒso interactive and fun!

Shelly + DJ | Jeremy Lawson Photography


Team Jayne custom designed these colorful, geometric escort cards for Eryn + Jim’s colorful wedding years ago but they will always remain one of our favorites. Placed on a table with a bold string heart (another custom Team Jayne creation!) to give the whole table a fun, edgy, colorful display.

Eryn + Jim | Jamie from Greenhouse Loft

Q Avenue Photo //

Not all escort displays have to be extremely elaborate. In fact, sometimes simpler is better. White custom calligraphy on black cards gives this display a modern, romantic vibe, while the chocolate stands give your guests a little treat along with their table assignment.

Q Avenue Photo //

Jenny + Eamon | Brad & Jen Photo

Alex + Ryan’s wedding decor was simple. Lots of greenery, personal photos, and delicate blooms. We opted for white on black cards for a more modern feel, while the greenery and photos surrounding the display give it a softer, more personal touch. And we’ll take any opportunity to use those adorable mini clothespins. :)

Alex + Ryan | Iron + Honey

Should We Have a First Look?

Whether you and your future spouse decide to have a First Look or not is entirely up to you, but we wanted to share a few key reasons why we love them that we’ve learned throughout the years of seeing them first-hand. While the obvious reason is of course to have the opportunity to capture those gorgeous photos, we think there are a few other pros to First Looks that may help tip the scale if you’re on the fence.

Blake + Nicole | Janelle Elise Photo

It’s a beautiful, intimate moment between you both.

With all the moving pieces and craziness that comes with your wedding day, you’ll want to embrace any moment you can sneak away and just be together. The First Look is the perfect opportunity to do just that!¬†Once the ceremony starts, the rest of the night will likely be spent running around for photos, socializing with your guests, or dancing so there’s not much time to be alone together once the day gets going.

Nicole + Richie | Codrean Photography

It will calm your nerves.

With all the planning and preparing for this day, your nerves can really start to show themselves the day-of. One way to help counteract them is to have a First Look and shake out all the nervousness of seeing your future hubby for the first time in front of all of your guests. Instead, you’ll be able to have a quiet moment together to collect your thoughts and get ready for this next big step you’re taking together!

Jess + Brandon | Amanda Naylor Photo

The photos are priceless.

Some of our favorite pictures of our couples have been during their First Look. After your wedding day is over you’ll be so happy you took every opportunity for more photos and trust us, the First Look is full of emotions (and sometimes tears!) and it really is so touching to look back on.

Allison + Dave | Pen Carlson Photography

It’s better for the timeline.

If you’re still on the fence about doing a First Look, maybe we can help sway you by letting you know that couples who do a First Look are much less pressed for time between the ceremony and reception. Usually this time is used for couples photos, bridal party photos, family photos, etc. This can all add up into a lot of time and cause a bit of rushing around on the photographers part. If you do a First Look before the ceremony, that time can also be used for photos together or with your bridal party. Not to mention, the more time spent with your photographer, the more creative they get to be with their shots.

Sarah + George | Let’s Frolic Together




Team Jayne’s Top Picks for Wedding Sweets & Desserts

We’re always looking for ways to incorporate new ideas, creations, and styles into our events and desserts are no different! We absolutely love a classic, gorgeous wedding cake, but sometimes we opt for something a little bit different. From cupcakes to pastries to popsicles, we’ve seen quite a wide variety of sweets and we’d love to share a few of our favorites with you!



Instead of cake, many couples are opting for pies instead! You can cater to many more guests tastes by offering multiple flavors and some people even prefer pie to cake! We rented some gorgeous white and gold pie stand to dress up the table a bit and added some air plants to tie into the rest of the decor.

Amy + Ben | Bang Bang Pie | Christian Gideon Photography

Cupcakes + Cake Toppers

Another great option that also allows for multiple flavors is mini cupcakes! Since they’re mini cupcakes guests feel like they can try more than one flavor. You can always include a smaller cake for the cake cutting like we’ve done with Kara + Tommy. Also, how amazing are those cake toppers? The bride, Kara Burke, is an extremely talented designer and created them herself.

Kara + Tommy | Kara Burke | The Colagrossis


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 12.30.48 PM

We’ve been dying to spell out a word with donuts for a long time and we finally had the space to do so! Donut walls are one of our favorite dessert displays. They’re an adorable photo backdrop and allow your guests to have a wide variety of flavor choices. We topped with a luscious brand of greenery and blooms to dress it up and tie it into the rest of their decor.

Jess + Brandon | Maple Donuts | Amanda Naylor Photo

If you’re not able to pull off a donut wall, try donut holes on cake stands with an adorable couple’s cake on top like we used for Marissa + Will! The groom actually handmade those cake toppers, we’re totally impressed!

Marissa + Will |West Town Bakery | Christian Wilson

Mini Waffle Parfaits

These mini waffle parfaits were the perfect choice for this carnival-themed wedding at Chicago’s Navy Pier. Their entire dessert setup screamed upscale fair sweets! Everything is miniature, which allows for your guests to have a little bit of everything.

Shelly + DJ | Crystal Gardens | Jeremy Lawson Photography

Popsicles/Ice Cream Cart

If you’re having a summer wedding and looking for a unique, quirky idea you should consider having a popsicle/ice cream cart (see above) or truck (see below).

Sara + Martin | Pen Carlson

Katie & Jordan Rcpt-0132

Not only is it fairly cost effective but your guests will get to choose their favorite treat! Not to mention you get some adorable pics with your icy treats.

Katie + Jordan |  Joey Kennedy Photography

Jessica + Rami | Simple, Sweet & Sophisticated


Sometimes we run across a wedding that really touches us and this definitely one of those weddings. Not only are the bride and groom some of the nicest people we’ve ever worked with, but their love is just so sweet it melts our heart. After seeing how special Jess & Rami’s relationship was we just had to put together the wedding to match. We opted for a sweet sophistication with lots of romance. From the beautiful, delicate ceremony arch decor to the touches of fruity accents in the centerpieces, this wedding truly captured the love these two share. And we are so in love with these photos by XO Azuree!


Jess chose the most gorgeous dress with delicate, intricate lace and an adorable sweetheart neckline. Our favorite ladies over at Mignonette Bridal got it just perfect!




Jess and Rami are forgoing a honeymoon and instead moving to Colombia in a few months just because they can! We are totally envious. Much of their food and music choices were influenced by their ties to Colombia.


Beautiful florals throughout the event were provided by Pollen Floral Design and they totally knocked it out of the park. The deep burgundy mixed with ivory, blush, and overflowing greenery really captured the sweet sophistication of Jess & Rami’s wedding.


When designing Jess and Rami’s day we knew we wanted a natural, simple, fun and approachable theme so we chose a color palette of burgundy, burnt orange, dusty blue with beautiful hints of ivory, blush, and gold which really elevated the deep colors.


To keep this day looking natural and approachable, we chose really focused on the floral elements of the day.


To give the ceremony more of a personal touch, we seated guests in a semi-circle around Jess and Rami. This seating arrangement is being used more and more these days and we can totally see why‚ÄĒgave the ceremony such an intimate feel to it!


Another great Jayne Weddings original was Jess & Rami’s hanging menu. We achieved something similar at Kristin & David’s wedding this past year and we think it is just as fitting for Jess & Rami.

This wedding was just all around utterly beautiful and captured the individuality of Jess & Rami. For their ceremony, we set up chairs in a circular arrangement to make the whole event more intimate. To take it a step further, they passed around a mic during the ceremony for guests who wished to give them love, advice, stories and good vibes‚ÄĒit was so moving!


We repurposed their ceremony arch and created a quaint VIP Lounge area (for Jess & Rami to enjoy a bite to eat while chatting with guests) using Room 1520’s lounge furniture and we added in some funky graphic pillows.



Jess and Rami really wanted their reception to be full of mingling and chatting so they cut down the number of chairs so their guests would be up exploring the space.
Event Coordination & Design: Jayne Weddings & Events
Photography: XO Azuree
Venue: Room 1520
Hotel: Ace Hotel
Catering: Cocina Fusion
Dress: Mignonette Bridal
Dessert: Bang Bang Pie
Makeup/Hair: Debra Petrielli
Floral: Pollen

Featured! | Long Island Bride & Groom

Team Jayne is SO HAPPY to have been featured in Long Island Bride & Groom’s editorial which talks about the best practices for including your family in the wedding planning process. Find our advice on the last page but there are some other really great tips in here so be sure to check it all out! Here’s a link to the full publication but you can find our story below.


(Click photos to enlarge)

Nicole + Richie | A Truly Romantic Affair


We’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to share a very special wedding with you all.
One of our very own (Nicole!) got married this past fall and we couldn’t be happier that she’s found her person. We have watched her grow for the last six years, not only from intern to lead but from girl to boss lady. Nicole may be off doing incredible things apart from Team Jayne now but we are so thrilled to have been included in her special day. Nicole & Richie share the kind of unconditional love you hope for in your marriage and thanks to the amazing Codrean Photography, you see that love captured beautifully throughout the entire day.




We are totally loving these groomsmen socks from a local favorite: The Tie Bar – Chicago.



All the floral for the day was provided by Nicole’s super talented sister, Dolores, owner of Luminous Blooms.



At this point, Nicole was crying, Richie was crying, I was crying, everyone was crying. It was an extremely beautiful and moving ceremony.




We of course had to call in one of our favorite pie vendors: Bang Bang Pie. It was the perfect accompaniment to Nicole & Richie’s wedding cake by Rosanna Talpos.






Event Coordination/Design: Jayne Weddings & Events
Photographer: Codrean Photography
Reception/Catering: Mission Hills Country Club
Transportation: Executive Transport Solutions
Cake/Dessert: Bang Bang Pie & Rosanna Talpos
Hair/Makeup: Rosanna Talpos
Music: Karla & Gabe
Photobooth: Insta Celfie
Florist: Luminous Blooms
Other Decor: Doolins

Jess + Brandon | A Vibrant East Coast Wedding

I can’t believe I am writing this blog post. Not to be all sappy, but my baby sister GOT MARRIED, and SHE ASKED US TO DESIGN HER WEDDING! I was flattered and excited, but also I know my sister. She changes her mind, a lot, she has very different taste then me (she’s classic, I’m out-there) and she is emotional. So I knew we were in for a ride.

With both Jessica and Brandon recently finishing grad school, we needed to keep the budget in check, because student loans are a very real thing. We went with a bold color palette of Navy, Merlot, Forest Green, and mixed metals. Jessica is fiery and loves color, so we added in pops of bright raspberry when we could.

Team Jayne helped to create a ton of custom items for this event, including some seriously cool dip-dyed napkins. These napkins were hand dyed twice. The first time around they were a perfect ombre, and not the look we were going for, so we played around with them again, until we got these very cool inky, dramatic napkins. They helped to add some color to the mostly white venue.

Take a look below at all the amazing photos by Amanda Naylor Photography and see all the the design details and pretty people for yourself!


Jessica’s “something borrowed” was a locket from my own wedding, that we placed photos of our late father in, to be near her on this special day.


Fosters Flowers really delivered a brilliant bouquet for both the bride and her maids. Keeping the bride’s mostly white with pops of color. The rest of the wedding party carried vibrant bouquets to match the rest of the decor.


THIS IS MY FAVORITE WEDDING PHOTO EVER. I love when a photographer catches these random moments. I’m sure Jessi hates this, but what are sisters for ;)

2018-01-11_00092018-01-11_0010Brandon worked with local (to St. Louis, where the couple resides) designer Lonesome Traveler on custom ties for the wedding party, as well as a custom pocket square and leather tie tack for himself. We LOVE the fabric that was chosen. Brandon also returned a pair of shoes that didn’t fit before the big day WITH all his custom goodies in the box. Lonesome Traveler remade his items and had them in his hands the next day. Talk about customer service and saving the day!




Remember those GORG handmade flowers from Allison & Dave’s wedding? Well we bought some of them from Allison to reuse on the doors of the ceremony site!


Team Jayne created day-of paper-goods inspired by the couples invites. The ceremony took place in a building called a “corn-crib”, which is a ridiculously cool building with giant doors on both sides that a truck filled with corn used to drive thru. For the wedding we kept the door shut and all the wedding party came in a smaller side door, then when the bride and her brother entered, both corn crib doors slowly opened, and it was dramatic, and amazing, and like a movie, I still sigh thinking about it. More venues should be like corn cribs!

2018-01-11_00282018-01-11_00302018-01-11_00312018-01-11_00372018-01-11_00322018-01-11_00332018-01-11_00342018-01-11_0016_12018-01-11_0036Cocktail hour took place in a large field, where guests played yard games created by the brides brother and listened to some acoustic music.


The reception site was inside a very old all wood barn. It was so pretty by itself. But with the high ceilings, it felt overwhelmingly huge. So we brought the ceilings down by adding fabric draping. We added a bunch of chandeliers because Jessica needed more glitter ;) The light they cast at night, was so warm and created a very intimate experience for guests. 2018-01-11_0039

For the tabletops, our goal was to bring in as much color as we could. We went with vintage mis-matched glassware, those amazing custom napkins, and some gold plexi place cards created by Team Jayne. The couple also had a friend help us create the table numbers, which are painted slabs of geodes!


We also created a custom donut wall for the couple. I have been wanting to spell a word on one of these babies forever, but never had the space, until now. I think it turned out super cute! Topped off with an awesome garland by Fosters Flowers.









The evening was full of amazing live music, donuts and love. We are so thrilled to have our baby sis hitched and even more glad we don’t have to talk weddings with her anymore! Just kidding Jess, I know you are reading this and calling me rude. I love you!

Event Design & Coordination: Jayne Weddings
Photography: Amanda Naylor Photo
Music: Central City Orchestra
Hotel: The Raddison Hotel
Reception/Catering: Strocks Enterprises
Papergoods: Jayne Weddings & Minted
Cake: Providence Bakery
Donuts: Maple Donuts
Beverages: Total Wine
Rentals: Event Central & Swoon Vintage Rentals
Linens: Linen Tablecloth
Hair: Salon Envy
Makeup: Stella Maria
Florist: Fosters Flower Shop

















Every Last Detail’s Best Weddings of 2017 | We’ve Been Featured!


We’re so excited to announce one of our favorite weddings (Marissa + Will) has been featured on Every Last Detail‚Äč’s Best Weddings of 2017! There are so many incredible weddings selected for this feature and we are thrilled to have been chosen. Take a look at the rest of the features or see more from Marissa + Will’s day!