Maternity Shoot | Baby Katz

You guys, it’s wedding season and we have millions of amazing weddings to blog. But today we are going to take an itty bitty break to share with you something super exciting to us. I’m pregnant! Whoo hoo! Jordan and I have been put through the baby ringer these past three years and are finally pregnant with a bagelino!

I didn’t want a maternity shoot at all. I felt puffy and gross and just not like myself. But when former client, and talented photog Danielle (of this amazing wedding) reached out, offered and then convinced me to do it. I thought why not. Jordan and I haven’t had our photos professionally taken since our wedding and its the year of our 5 year anniversary, so lets do it!

Within a week we were able to enlisted some of our closest wedding vendor friends to help us make these photos the best we could. And you know what, I LOVE THEM. I am so happy I did them, and think all you pregnant ladies should think about it. It only took about 45 minutes, and I will cherish these forever. You can feel our absolute elation  as we wait for baby Katz to make his debut. Thank you so much Danielle! You are the best!



Photography: Danielle Aquiline Photography

Coordination: Jayne Weddings & Events

Hair/Make Up – Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists

Floral Crown – Fleur

Dress – Zara

Men’s Wear – RVCA and Banana Republic





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