Molly + Timmy | A Sparkly, Fun, Quirky, Totally Cool Wedding Day!

You know how sometimes you meet people and immediately can just feel how cool they are. Like “I don’t even deserve to talk to these lovers, they are just so cool. They probably bleed glitter and cry donuts they are so cool.” This is exactly how I felt when I first met Molly + Timmy.

This couple is so real. They have a deep love for their families, friends and each other. They have amazing sense of style and a killer eye for design. AND they are big animal lovers! Seriously, If I didn’t love them, I would prob want to slap them they are so cool. Their wedding was no different. Molly hand wrote all of the place cards in her funky handwriting and clipped it to a moleskin field journal as a favor with a sparkly clothespin. She worked with wedding dress designer Veronica Sheaffer to create her wedding look (which is killer, check out her makeup and shoes, the whole thing is to die for!) They had a friends band play live music as they walked down the aisle! Another friend created hand drawn signage for them. They had doodlebooth to keep guests entertained! Foxglove adorned the table with organically shaped dramatic flowers in reds and pinks. The bridesmaids carried gold pompoms! But my favorite part, were the “runners”! Thousands of vintage crystal chandelier pieces where places in rows down ever table. Thousands. Of. Sparkles. WHAT. It all happened at Salvage One, because that is what cool people do.

Jayne Weddings and Events was honored to be asked to coordinate such a stunning, unique and fun wedding!

There are a million more cool details so check out all the pretty provided by Johnathan Crawford Photography!


Event Coordination: Jayne Weddings & Events
Photography: Johnathan Crawford Photography (friend of the Bride/Groom)
Florist: Foxglove Studios
Officiant: Shelby Allison (friend of Bride/Groom)
Catering: Jewell
Venue: Salvage One
Entertainment: Doodlebooth
Custom Signs: Friend of Bride/Groom
DJ: DJ Dolo
Desserts: Luscious Layers Bakery
Dress: Veronica Sheaffer
Shoes: Miu Miu


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