Gift Guide | For the Guys

Taya, our intern at large, is back with her shopping list to make any dude super stoked he is a groomsmen! Take it away Taya!

“Grooms, this one’s for you! While bridesmaid’s gifts tend to lean towards the sentimental, groomsmen gifts tend to be more practical in nature. Due to the fact that guys don’t often buy one another gifts, the decision can be difficult, but you know your friends better than anyone. Are they music buffs or sports fans? Are they adventurous or into fitness? Either way our gift suggestion list will give you some ideas for every kind of budget and for every kind of guy.”


1 – “Man Things Pouch” – as opposed to lady things, which would not fit in 1 pouch! – $18

2 –  Phaidon Where Chefs Eat if you don’t want this book, we can not be friends, trust me – $20

3 – Pulco Card holder– for the business man who has his stuff together, but doesnt have to be snooty about it! – $30

4 – Hair on your Chest Flask Set- could be used right before you walk down the aisle, could be… – $38

5 – TGRShrk Men’s standard Issue tee Tees from Dirty Heads singer Jared Watson for your rocker friends – $42

6 – Stock MFG Teal Plaid Tiewe love our former grooms company, and so will your dudes! – $45

7Anchor Bracelet because your boys always make it happen…captain- $58

8 –  Ollo Clipclip it on your phone for 4 different lenses – $70

9Burton Rider’s Snowboard Pack – because at one point this man saved your life, here dude, have a backpack – $62.83

10 – Merkur Gift set shave kit help your men look their best – $108 

11 – Rayban Andy Sunglasses – always in style, now you can even customize them to look exactly how you want-  $125

12. Nike + Fuel Band – my hubs is obsessed with this, get your guys in shape and ready to dance at your wedding – $149

*editors note  – Katie Jayne couldn’t help herself and added in her feelings on these gifts, these thoughts are her own and do not represent Taya’s thoughts on these gifts!


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