Andrea + Eric | An E-Story

Andrea and Eric are getting married THIS WEEK! What! We have gotten to know Andrea very very well over the last year, she is organized, creative and so kind. Eric on the other hand, we haven’t even met, but based on his answers, we can tell he is a real jokester!

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How did you meet?
She says: Our story started 7 and a half years ago at Duffy’s Bar in Chicago.  We both went there with friends who knew each other.  Eric said he noticed me before we were introduced and we hit it off right away.  The next day he asked me on a date for that very night — I thought he was crazy because that was too soon — but he kept asking until he finally got me to say yes 3 days later.  We played board games and pool at a nearby neighborhood bar in Wrigleyville (and got very competitive very quickly).  The rest is history!
He says: My friend Greg told me that his friend Tricia had some friends and that we should be friends. We all ended up going to a local bar called Duffy’s for drinks. I first noticed Andrea across the room from where we were sitting. Not sure if she’d remember it, but we definitely locked eyes momentarily. It was at that point I knew I had to at least meet her. Details are fuzzy, but empirical evidence shows we had long conversations about life, shared incredible food and beverage, and spent the evening under the stars (and the El).
Tell us about the proposal
She says: After 7.5 years of dating, I expected perfection here… and he delivered!  :)  We were up at the Osthoff Resort in Elkart Lake, WI (where I spent summers as a kid with my family) and both did a triathlon that Saturday (one of our shared passions).  My parents were in town to watch the race and we had a great Saturday with them and other family friends on the lake.  Then early on Sunday morning he surprised me with room service breakfast on our balcony overlooking the lake.  He brought out champagne and strawberries and proposed a toast of …”Will you marry me?”.  I was so thrilled, but the surprises weren’t nearly over yet!  We took a fun canoe ride around the lake, he surprised me by getting me a massage at the Osthoff spa, and then took me to the famous American Club nearby for brunch…. where my entire family was waiting to congratulate us.  It was an amazing morning!
He says: Andrea was convinced I would take our proposal with me to the grave. This could not have been further from the truth. Sometimes you need to make sure something is done the right way. The first step was making several trips back to my hometown in Michigan to visit a custom jewelry designer to create the ring of Andrea’s dreams. I’d like to say this process was driven by an innate knowledge of her taste in rings…and it did, in part. But mostly my creative direction came from a series of clear and concise conversations consisting of me listening and Andrea pointing at ring photos in a magazine. Eventually, I had the ring. Soon after, I found an opportunity to ask. I wanted the setting to be natural and special for Andrea. What better place than a location: 1) with her her entire family around, 2) at a beautiful resort, 3) the weekend of a triathlon. The location was the Osthoff Resort at Elkhart Lake. It was my favorite weekend ever. We stayed in a lakeside condo, spent the evenings eating excellent food and watching music by the beach, and raced in the triathlon. On Sunday, I got Andrea her favorite food: Waffles. And ordered a special bottle of Champagne. When the waffles were done, we popped the Champagne and I asked. Afterward, we met her family for brunch at the American Club. On the ride home, I realized all of this was merely a formality. Andrea already had a full guest list, color scheme, and invitation strategy ready to roll.
Wedding theme/Ideas for your perfect day?
She says: Since its an outdoorsy wedding, our colors are “natural garden tones”… light green, white/ivory/cream, beige/tan, with hints of light pinks/blush and grey or chocolate brown.  The ceremony is outdoors at the Osthoff gazebo, so it’ll already be beautiful and won’t likely need a lot of decoration.  However, the reception is indoors in a regular banquet hall.  I want to “bring the outdoors-y look inside”, but without logs/twigs/branches (more with colors and fabrics).  My pinterest page collects a lot of the stuff that I like.  See attached PPT for details specifically on the kind of things I like and ideas I’ve already thought of.  Definitely want to incorporate some of those ideas but don’t have to do all of them.  Also, there’s a risk that if it rains we have to use an indoor banquet room for the ceremony.  I should be prepared with a design idea just in case (loved your idea of dimming the lights and buying a bunch of candles to make it romantic).  :)
He says: Andrea and I had a discussion early on about one thing that was very important to me…and that I was even more excited to know for sure she felt the same. As much as the wedding is about Andrea, it is (almost) as much about our friends and family. To me, the perfect wedding day will feel like everyone was a major part of it, and that they had as much (if not more) fun than us.
One quirky thing you love about each other?
She says:  He’s really creative and can think up really funny things up on the spot (nicknames, etc).  For example, he’s great at free-styling… almost everyday he comes up with a new song with silly lyrics personalized just for me.  :)
He says: Just FYI, don’t chew with your mouth open around Andrea or she will bus’ a cap…
Things you are looking forward to as a married couple?
She says:  It feels like we’re already married, so I’m not sure how to answer this.  I suppose I’m really looking forward to having kids – I’ve always wanted to be a mom, and I can’t wait to see Eric as a dad.  And eventually getting a bigger place than the tiny 1 bedroom high rise condo that we live in now.  And a lake house on Elkhart Lake.  A girls gotta dream big!  :)
He says: Free beer!

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