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When I first moved to Chicago there were a few things I noticed that were very different from Cali. Not bad, just different.

1-  Restaurants put bacon in everything.
2 – Its not a joke, it really is cold here.
3- Dudes dress sort of boring, which I think has to do with #2, but I was really missing the cali-cool laid back STYLE of my grooms and dudes!

FINALLY there is hope for all those Chi-town lads! STOCK MFG. CO. just launched, and it is going to blow ya minds! We have to be honest, after checking out the look book their were MANY things we wanted! So awesome.

Jayne Weddings actually planned/styled Eryn and Jims wedding. Jim is the CEO of Stock and Eryn is the Brand Strategist, but that is not why we are telling you all about them. We think the idea behind is company is super fly, we love the products we have seen so far and we think you should go out and treat yo self to these killer goods. Here is a little convo we had with Jim about the launch of Stock Mfg. Co.

How did Stock Mfg. Co. come to be?
We believe that consumers want to buy American, and designers want to manufacture here, but the price to do so, for both sides, can be a huge barrier. We are aiming to remove that barrier. “& Stock” is our collaboration project that takes advantage of the fact that we are combining a wealth of innovative e-commerce experience with our ownership of
a top-of-the-line manufacturing facility. It works like this: Designers can submit samples to us. The ones we like we photograph and put up for sale on our site. If demand amongst the customers is strong enough, we will produce and distribute that piece for the designer, and pay them a fair commission. Customers get high quality, fashionable, unique clothing, all Made in the USA – at a “direct from manufacturer” price that they can afford. Designers get national sales distribution and domestic manufacturing, all totally free of charge.

How should a groom and his dudes dress for the big day?
How a groom and his groomsmen decide to dress is dependent on the personal style of the bride and groom, the formality of your wedding, and the season in which it occurs.
For our wedding, Eryn and I are pretty laidback, and the whole event is rather informal. That being said, we both are fairly “style-conscious” people, with a pretty defined idea
of how we want things. I think the groom and his groomsmen should dress cohesively, but don’t necessarily need to match. For us, we are all wearing charcoal suits, (the
groomsmen got theirs custom-tailored from Indochino) but they are standard wool, while mine is an English tweed. It’s a fall/winter wedding, so the tweed suit, while looking very sharp, is also season-appropriate. We are all going with more casual shoes, but are a step short of “gym shoes”. “Tying” it all together (oh god) is our neckwear. Eryn and
I picked out a fabric that really incorporates our wedding colors, and I’m having the guys at our factory make a limited-edition “Jim and Eryn’s wedding” tie, cut to the same
specs as our Stock ties.  ( just WAIT until you see this wedding!)

Tips and tricks to staying fly?
In order to stay fly, it’s really important to be in an early 90’s, urban R&B group, if at all possible. Failing that, just make sure you wear clothing that fits well. Extra fabric
hanging everywhere (or not enough fabric to cover yourself properly) is not a good look at all.

How can we get the goods?
Starting now  you can buy our stuff at Everything is made in Chicago, and super high quality for an affordable price. As of right now you can also buy ties and pocket squares at Dovetail and Eskell. Follow us on twitter @stockmfgco or for updates on pop-up shops and local events!


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