Indie Wed Winter 2013

So if you follow me on facebook or twitter, sorry in advanced, your sick of these photos and are probably all like “enough already Katie, geez”. But, I simply can not help myself and have to blog about it, so deal, for like 10 more minutes.

Indie Wed is our all time favorite wedding show in the Chicago Area. Its hip, its cool, its got good tunes and yummy treats, and it features all of the latest and greatest in the wedding world. Last year we made a splash in Chicago with our neon table. This year we wanted a bigger space and a brighter booth, I didn’t think it was possible, because whats brighter then neon? But after tossing and turning night after night, boom – orange.

Orange is awesome. Orange is happy and warm and in the dead of winter will make people smile. Oh, and Orange is my brothers favorite color. Donnie, my bro, shared this happy sun shiny booth with me. All that super sick furniture is part of his new venture called Aged Vintage Rentals. Check it out, you wont be sorry. Ill tell you more about it later, but basically he finds pieces and fixes them up, brings them to Chicago. I show my brides who go crazy for them and we use them in their weddings and its awesome. Its also now open, so planners, photogs and brides, have at it.

Using these pieces really helped set off our booth. The mix of the vintage table and chairs with my crazy painted (yeah, I painted that shiz) backdrop helped to create the layers of character I was going for. Now, if someone would call me up and say – “I’ll take an indie wed special for my wedding” I would be happier then a clam. Enjoy!


Flowers –Fleur
Decor/Stylist/Papergoods – Jayne Weddings and Events
Furniture – Aged Vintage Rentals

7 thoughts on “Indie Wed Winter 2013

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