Jordan + Jill | A Love-Filled Lush Chicago Wedding

I met this lovely couple (love story here)  at an industry event. Well, actually, I picked them out as the “cutest couple” in the room. I swear I’m not a stalker, if you met them, you would get it. After finding out their names were  Jordan and Jill and listening to them go on and on about their wedding day, and seeing how excited Jill was and how supportive Jordan was, I was hooked. Apparently, Jill has been planning her wedding since she was a child. Seriously. Its how her mother got her to go to bed. She would tell her to “dream about your wedding day”, and man did this girl take it seriously. Nothing over the top, but pretty, lovingly made touches throughout, Jill & Jordan were a  joy to work with. Not just because she had painted the picture in her head already, but because when she talked about her wedding day, it was so filled with laughter and love, I would get teary eyed thinking about it.



Venue – The Ivy Room

Catering – Food for Thought

Officiant – Rent a Rev

DJ – Toast and Jam

Photography – Husar Photography

Florist – A Stem Above

Dessert – Alliance Bakery

Paper goods – The bride and Jayne Weddings

Event Coordination – Jayne Weddings


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