Jewelry..for your hair!

One choice that every bride eventually makes is the type of hair accessory they want. The traditional route of a long veil is quickly being replaced by newer, daring, and sometimes more out of the box trends. Jayne Weddings loves out of the box! That’s why we were so excited to discover Hair Floaters, a Chicago-based line of unique hair jewelry.

Semira, the founder, began making floaters by breaking up old jewelry to create jewelry for her hair. She then added clips to the ends so they would stay secure in hair. This project began as a fundraising idea for her youth group, but expanded to so much more.These beautiful pieces of jewelry are perfect for casual events or special occasions. They come in a great variety of shapes, lengths, and colors. The best part is that Semira can custom make hair pieces for brides! The bride can choose the chain, beads, and colors that they feel will best complement their dress. Matching floaters as favors for the bridesmaids are a great idea. They are also versatile enough to continue being worn even after the wedding day! We are obsessed with these, they are so special, but not to over the top and have so much personality!

Hair Floaters Etsy

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