being thankful.

With Jayne Weddings and Events wedding season slowing down, I have finally had time to take a moment, stretch, and look around. Looking around I see so many things that have happened within the past year that I am uber thankful for. These things haven’t gone unnoticed, but it just never clicks how lucky I am while I’m are rushing around like a crazy person, totally into the garland I’m making or the latest wedding dress style.

I’m so thankful for help.

Im thankful I have learnt to ask for help and have stopped trying to do everything myself. Im thankful for my amazing assistant, Nicole, who is probably the most honest, caring, hard working person I have ever met. I’m thankful for my hubs, who comes onsite with me and lets me yell at him in the heat of the set up, and later leaves me notes of encouragement. Im thankful for my mother who spent her Thanksgiving cooking most of mine, so I could focus on my last double header of the weekend and not have a nervous breakdown. Im thankful for Ms. Heather V who helps keep me sane on the daily and has shown me life isnt all about work all the time. Im thankful for all my couples, for putting trust in me and helping me reach my dream of doing blow-out weddings. Im thankful for Kelly Marie, for including me in fun things, and for helping me meet all the amazing vendors in Chicago, who have helped me grow my business here. Im so thankful for my siblings, each so different but helpful, they make me laugh, push me thru, listen to me cry and are always there. This list could really go on for days!

Im thankful for a lot this year, it just took things to quite down for me to realize it. Happy Late Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoyed yours as much as I did. Here are some fun shots of mine : ) You know I will be posting some diy’s soon!

Photo Credit : Katie Jayne of Jayne Weddings !


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