Jordan + Jill | an e-story

Jayne Weddings has had the privilege of planning Jordan and Jill’s wedding, and now it’s only one week away! We want to introduce you all to this amazing couple before they tie the knot. We hope you enjoy their love story as much as we did!

It was one late night in springtime that Jordan and Jill met on their Wisconsin college campus library (totally nerdy but still cute). They happen to be sitting across from each other, studying for finals, but ended up talking all night instead. Despite the lack of studying, Jordan still graduated college a month later and left to work in Kiawah Island, South Carolina (fun fact, this is where hubs and myself took our honeymoon!) for the summer. Jill just couldn’t stay away, so she joined him. After spending the whole summer together, they knew they were in for the long haul!

After six years of dating they took a trip back to Kiawah Island, but this time with all four parents. Jordan and Jill took a bike ride down to the beach, her dress blowing in the wind and the sun shining down on them. Jordan knelt one knee in the sand while Jill sat on the other, then he surprised her by pulling out special occasion cards from their relationship. They read the all the cards together until there was only one left, a love note from Jordan. He lifted Jill off his knee and proposed to her, right there on the same beach where they feel in love six years earlier!

Jordan and Jill want their wedding day to reflect them in the best way possible (that’s why they hired us)! It is going to be  very personal, family centered, and full of love! They’re aiming for a rustic french tone with lots of personal touches! We know their special day will be amazing because they are two great people deeply in love with each other. Jordan’s favorite thing about Jill: “Her infectious happiness, I’ve never met a person who doesn’t love Jill.  Also, she’s the nicest, most genuine person I’ve ever met”.  Jill’s favorite thing about Jordan: “His ability to always pick me up on my feet whenever I need it, his ability to somehow make me laugh at his ridiculously silly jokes even when I don’t want to, and his impulsiveness to always be exploring and meeting new people!” 

As a married couple, they look forward to: “Their honeymoon, having the same last name , puppies, being a family, and making a home together!”

Photo Credit – Chad Husar (yellow door, skyline)  and the Couple (instagram photo)!
-Nicole the Assistant

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