Nail me.

Funky nail art has become a huge trend recently and Jayne Weddings is loving it! Getting creative with your nails is a great way to express yourself and add that extra special touch to your big day.!

There are so many  varieties of colors, patterns and styles. Some of our favorites are alternating colors, ombre effect, metallic hues,  neon colors, and prints…oh the prints! A great alternative to long-lasting nail art is the minx nail treatment. This is a chemical free technique that involves heat bonding a thin film of color to the nail bed. Individual films are matched to each finger, then heated using a special salon lamp and melted onto the nail, that is so crafty! These coatings don’t peel, fade, chip or crack! The color choices, but most importantly pattern choices, are overwhelmingly awesome.

Not in the mood for all that, then you must check out our favorite Chicago freelance manicurist, AstroWifey, who specializes in producing nail designs that are 100% original, customized specifically for clients. Nail art is also a great way for a bride and her bridesmaids to get creative together! Now go on, get yourself a rockin’ mani!

And Yes, Eryn, you inspired us to write this blog post. Cant wait to see what your nails look like on your wedding day!

Photos: Pinterest and Astrowifey


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