He Said She Said | Love Story of C + D

Cassandra and Dan are a super unique and amazing couple. In the short time that I have had the chance to get to know them, I can tell you this:

– Dan is totally in love with this lady, and vice versa
– Cassandra has an amazing sense of style, the things that she likes make me squeal w/joy on the daily.
– Their wedding is going to rock you faces off…seriously . Just you wait.

We thought it would be fun to play a little he said/she said and get a look at their relationship from each others points of view

How did you meet?
She said: “A mutual friend of ours named Kandiss ran into Dan on the train one day and mentioned it to me a week or so later stating ‘He looks like someone you would date.’  After sufficiently lurking him on twitter, I decided to follow him and the rest is history.  Our first date was set up because Dan wanted to meet my English Bulldog, Royal.  I couldn’t be more grateful for Kandiss, Royal or the internet.”

Tell us about the proposal…
He said: “One of our first big dates was a day in Milwaukee going to the art museum and laying in the park.  It was laying there in that park that I knew that I was falling in love with Cassandra.  So we went back to that park on a blisteringly cold day at the end of March. I convinced her to stay out there in the wind with me while I worked up the courage to put my left knee down in the muddy field and ask her to marry me.” (Your crying right, cause Im crying, you got to be crying)

Wedding theme/ideas of your perfect day?
She said: “Our wedding is inspired by the style and colors of the movie True Romance.  A favorite movie of mine since I first saw it in the theater at the age of 13.  Probably not most people’s idea of romance, but deep down it’s just a wonderful love story and the style and creativity in the movie can’t be denied.  Plus, Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater?  Serious babes!” (We totally agree!)

He said: “ A big, wonderful party with all of our friends and family.  I want as little stress as possible and to have as few traditional elements as we can get away with.  I never saw myself having a big wedding so the less it’s like a wedding and the more it’s like a big family dinner, the better.”

Things you love about each other?
He said: “ The thing that I love most about Cas is her laugh and her sense of humor.  When she gets lost in a fit of laughter, and her smile is beaming, it is a wonderful thing.  It’s something that I would see more often if I didn’t tell such terrible jokes. She is such a strong, caring woman and anything is possible in her mind.”

She said: “We just have the most fun together.  Dan is super hilarious and handsome as well.  He takes great care of me, our house, our friends and family and our little Toaster (our french bulldog).  Dan is so capable in everything he does and follows through with his word on everything.  I feel like when we’re together, anything is possible.”

Things you are looking forward to as a married couple?
She said: “Every day as a couple is better than the last, I can’t imagine what amazing things are to come.  I’m also really anxious for the honeymoon to New Zealand and all the adventures we will have there.”

He said: “Ha, everything!  I’m excited about buying a house, wherever that is, and making it our home.  I’m excited for all of the trips we’ll take and puppies we’ll adopt. I’m excited for a lifetime of brunch with the love of my life.”(seriously, isn’t that exactly what we all want!)
Cass and Dan will be getting hitched at Salvage One in November – Congrats on your engagement!


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