Loved, not used.



Many people were surprised when I told them I sold my wedding dress. Some days a ting of “holy f what did I do” passes through my thoughts, but then I talk myself off the ledge. If I know my daughter (no I’m not preggers, but I’m just foreshadowing, sorry mom), she would never ever be caught dead in my dress. That is how I felt about my mothers and that is prob how she would feel about mine. I am certainly not going to wear it again, although I do think if J came home to find me doing dishes in it he wouldn’t even blink twice. So I sold it. To someone who loved it and looked completely gorg in it and gave it a second life. What’s that saying…if you love someone(thing) set it free? That’s what I did.

After getting my dress cleaned and packaged to be shipped, I listed it on within DAYS I had 3 interested buyers. Within a week my dress was gone, off to Texas to be worn by a lovely southern belle on her big day. What did I do with all the extra space in my closet and all the extra money in my wallet…I’m sure you can figure that out.

Check out how hot she looks! She barely had to do anything we were so close in measurements! Special thanks to Natalie Shelton Photography for the amazing photos.

*Side note, my Mothers dress was not ugly just like a size negative 00.

-Katie Jayne


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