Danielle + Sona | June 2nd 2012


Typically Jayne Weddings attempts to feature our couples PRIOR to getting married. I.E. ” Yay, we love this couple, yay these are their engagement pics, yay we cant wait to work with them in 6 months” Well, we are a little behind, as in their wedding is TOMORROW!

So Yay to Danielle and Sona, we are so happy to get to work with such a fun and adorable couple! They are both the sweetest! And man can Danielle talk, and keep up with me :)

After meeting and hating each other in collage (Danielle was a punk (gasp) and Sona a princess (double gasp) they some how fell in love and its been nothing but bunny collecting and drool-worthy dinners ever since. Seriously if you are ever hungry DON’T follow them on instagram.

Anyway, Danielle and Sona have a killer eye for design and stellar taste. Their wedding is going to be off the charts..so many surprises! But, its no wonder its going to be great as Danielle is a photographer. Check out her work and then check back soon to see their wedding!

Special Thanks to Maypole Studios for the lovely photos! See the entire collection here!


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