Hang on Sloopy….

Jayne Weddings is in love with a recent trend that can’t go wrong at any wedding event: hanging objects. Whether they be jars, frames, candles, garland or umbrellas (our fav.), they can take an ordinary venue to the next level.


There is a certain ambiance that is created from pretty dangling things, much like a fairy tale or whimsical world. Not only does it look amazing, but it forms a more functional setting. Hanging centerpieces will lessen clutter and allow more room on the tables for food, and we all love more food right? Hanging chandeliers or candles will provide better lighting, and also minimize the chance of anything catching fire. Even hanging umbrellas can render a protective canopy over tables from the hot sun or rain. Handing objects are also nice as a background for a photo booth or sweat heart table or dessert bar!

The best part is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can hang. There are so many combinations of vessels and objects that can compliment your wedding theme. A simple mason jar can hold flowers, candles, beads, or small bulbs. Tie flowers or chandeliers at the end of fancy ribbon to hang from trees. Lighting hanging from trees is especially gorgeous at outdoor weddings as dusk nears. Stringing beads or flower petals is another simple option. So “hang” in there, this may be just the trick to perfecting any wedding!

Check out more hanging goodness here.

-Nicole the intern



Escort Cards



Paper Birds


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