Letterpress | Cave Man Style

Recently Jayne Weddings received an amazing invite to partake in a letterpress class at the Post Family. A group of 7 girls arrived with mimosa fixings and snacks. Mr. David Sieren started the class by telling us about the different types of letterpress and how its much easier it can be these days, but screw it, we are going to do it the old fashion, holy cow this takes forever, wow its a work-out cranking this thing, way. Mucho respect to letter-pressers around the world. What a tedious job, but the end product is amazing. Hearing the press stamping each sheet of paper was so joyful, and the gorg lead and wood letters…I could have stayed days…seriously I wanted to set up shop and not leave. This would be such a fun bridal shower / bachelorette party! Besides the super cool letterpress, the Post Family studio is truly inspiring, just looking around gave me a breathe of new ideas! This collaborative is genius! Contact them to set up your class today or take a visit to their next event!



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