Have your cake..and pie and candy. Oh My!

Every little detail in a wedding should express who you are as a couple, including the dessert. Many people assume their only option is a wedding cake. But what if you don’t even really like cake?! Or you’re looking for something new to wow your guests? Luckily there are other options! Jayne Weddings LOVES installing super funky dessert tables with different backdrops and stands! Its a great way to make a unique statement! *Remember you can always do a small ceremonial cake if you still want that “cutting of the cake” moment! Here are some of our favs…

1 – Mixed Mini Desserts: These can be served on a tier to mimic a cake, or just neatly laid out on a various cake stands . This is super fun for the couple to pick and choose their favorites!

2 – Candy Bar: Create a candy bar where guests can choose their own candies. You can even color customize your candies to match your ceremonies chosen hues.

3 – Pie Buffet: Jayne Weddings personal favorite, because, well, we love pie. You can never go wrong with ooey-gooey fillings and flaky crusts. One fun idea is representing the season of your wedding by the fillings inside each pie (peach/blueberry for summer & pumpkin/pecan for fall). We are lovin the pie on a stick’s that we keep seeing!

4 – Ice Cream: With most weddings during the summertime, ice cream is a great way to cool down when the day nears its end. Supply the ice cream or frozen yogurt in beautiful parfait glasses and allow the guests to decorate with an assortment of toppings! Or have an ice cream truck show up and surprise everyone!

5 – Donuts: Don’t reserve these delish little treats for breakfast! Everyone loves a donut, and the donut holes in the photo are so pretty!

Photo Credits –

Candy Bar  – Amy Atlas

Ice Cream – Jayne Weddings/Joey Kennedy Photography

Pastel Dessert Bar/ Vintage Dessert Bar – UK! We lost the sources, if its your please let us know!

Pie Buffet – Once Wed




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