Meet Megan + Tom!

Jayne Weddings is super excited to work with Tom and Megan on their Cali wedding this fall! They are a great down-to-earth couple who love traveling and seriously have the cutest love story.


Want to know what says “meant to be” more than moving to the same city (L.A.) on the same exact day? Living in the same neighborhood and working at the same job for months, without ever meeting each other! It was pure serendipity that they finally met through a side job that a mutual friend was organizing. After just two weekends of hanging out during that job, they knew they wanted to get to know each other on a deeper level. They decided to go out on a date their next available day off work, which of course just happened to be Valentine’s Day (it’s fate)! Ever since that day, they’ve been inseparable. Tom proposed in a beautiful herb garden during a weekend trip to ojai, California.

We are all about taking personal love stories, and turning them into the perfect wedding. Tom and Megan’s wedding is going to be an absolute reflection of who they are as a couple. Spending time together is fun no matter what they are doing: cooking, biking, watching movies, or just going for a drive. They love to work on house projects together, and with Tom’s handyman skills and Megan’s passion for creativity, they come up with some awesome designs. Speaking of awesome designs, Megan’s good friend (and future bridesmaid) Bonnie, thought up a great way to help Megan pay for her dream dress. She is selling her artwork on, what a good friend! Help her out by clicking here.

Their wedding undoubtedly has to be in California, which is where they met and share four years of fantastic memories. They want all their family and friends to experience the laid back Cali life and enjoy it the same way they have. We look forward to being part of Tom and Megan’s special day!

Photo Credit: Megans Talented Sister! Katie Engelhardt Photography!

– Nicole the Intern


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