Exploring Chicago | Non-touristy treats to wow your out of town guests!

Jayne Weddings just hired a new and lovely intern! We will introduce you soon! Until then, we begged her to tell us all the cool secret spots in Chicago to send out of town family and wedding guests! She did a great job! 
We all know what Chicago is known for: The Bean, Navy Pier, Sears Tower (sorry, Im not calling it the Willis tower, yuck) . But in a huge city like this, there are so many other unique and fun sites for tourists to enjoy. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, or an awesome wedding thrown by us, here is our list of top 5 non- touristy things to do in Chicago:
1 –Carnivale is a delicious Latin food inspired restaurant that literally looks and feels just like a carnival. The inside is enormous, with high ceilings, vibrant colored walls, and live music. A variety of entertainment and events take place throughout the year such as dancers, fire breathers, terra card readers and wine tastings. Don’t forget to try one of their award-winning mojitos!
2 –  Tula If you’re looking for a great place to shop for some unique one of kind clothes, boutiques are the way to go. Chicago has hundreds of them! What makes Tula different is that they are family owned business, mother and daughter, and truly care about their customers. They carry items chosen from European and contemporary designers that have an effortless sophisticated look. The best part is that no one else will ever have the same piece as you!
3 –Ravinia – In the suburbs of Chicago you’ll find an amazing outdoor concert venue. Ravinia is the oldest outdoor music festival in the US and is known for it’s lush green lawns, great dining options, and of course, summer night concerts. They’ve hosted a variety of musicians and entertainers such as Bob Dylan, Bill Cosby, and Carrie Underwood! What can be better than listening to great music and looking at the stars?
4 – Sacred Art is a Chicago art gallery for viewing and buying handmade accessories and custom art pieces. Their artwork is all original and made by local Chicago artists! It’s one of those places that has so many cute treasures that you just want to buy the whole store. Which is fine, because then all the local artists will love you for supporting them.
5 –Geja’s Cafe  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like chocolate? This romantic restaurant features fondue dining which includes dippers for chocolate, cheese (just in case there are some chocolate haters out there), wine, and a dinner menu. Live classical music and flamenco guitar create an amazing ambience that will relax your whole being. Also an awesome place for a bridal shower!

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