Gift Guide | Valentine 2012

Although I would MUCH rather get a gift from my lovie “just because”, there is still something instilled in many that connects Valentines day with getting a mailbox filled with tiny cardboard cards and sugary hearts that say “Your swell”.  Although I think that buying something for the one you love is super simple, many men seam stuck, so I made this short fun list of items I think almost any girl would love. You can also check out my holiday gift guide, as some of those items would still be great gifts for val day!  If all else fails, make them something. Mr.JayneWeddings made me a card from an old tinfoil box and tape. I still get goosebumps when I see it. swoon.

Happy Pre-Valentines day!

1 – Wood Shop Vintage Necklace – $45 – These necklaces scream, “Im a lady, but I can install my own shelving, thankyouverymuch” Show your women you get that with this adorable vintage charm necklace, comes in anything from a hammer to a hatchet! I sort of want them all.

2 – Party Necklace – $33.48 (yellow one is on sale)- The name says it all. This necklace is a party for your neck. I just love the different textures and fun colors! AND its made in Chicago , by Cursive Design – which makes it even better.

3 – Wood You Be Mine – $125 – With this super cute wood chocolate sampler, you can give the give of guilt free love! AND it last forever, instead of the .5 seconds a typically box would last in my house.

4 – Large Chevron Clutch – $32 – Chevron and I have a love/hate relationship, but mix it with an awesome clean cut rectangle clutch and Im in love all over again.

5 – Recuerdos Bracelet – $27 – Are you starting to see a trend here, this funky bight bracelet would add the perfect pop of color to any outfit.

6 – XO Studs – $85 – These remind me of middle school – except the ones I had then were plastic and dangled down to my shoulders. This is a much more adult approach to a whimsical idea, love them!

7 – Heart Studs – $15 – I wear a small pair of copper heart studs almost every day, and I love them to pieces, but for spring I think I am going to hop on the mint pastel train and get a pair of these little lovelies!

8 – Gun Hair Dryer – $85 – This is by far the coolest and scariest hair dyer ever. I love that it looks like a gun. Why do we need our hair dryers to look so boring. I hate that it looks like a gun. Shooting myself in the head with this is not a pleasant thought. But for the right girl, this. is. killer. (literally)

9 – Open Heart Ring – $150 – Well, it comes in rose gold, so there is that. Also, its delicate and not to bubble gummy. perfection. This website also has this super sick cuff, which I did not see before!

10 – Hot Streak Clutch and Tote – $150 – $350 – Bag. Neon. Leather. Two options. Get her both.

11 – Custom Embroidered Initial Necklace – $35 – Super thoughtful! You can pick the shape, color and letter! Make a few or just one! Pre-made necklaces also available for faster shipping. (side note, how cute would this be to have one made for each of your bridesmaids!)

12 – Home is Where Your Heart is – $25 – Love this idea. You can pick the state, size of print and where the heart goes! Simple silhouette would look great in almost any room on its on or in a wall collage!

13 – Tom’s Classics  – $45 – Even though Toms just came out with some seriously cool ballet flats, Im always drawn towards these cute classics. They go with practically everything and are super comfy. Im currently lusting over these poppy red ones! Ah, amour .

14 – Olive Spoon – $10 – I love this because its smart and whitty! Super fun olive serving spoon with “Olive You” printed on the front. I have a friend who would die over this! And its only 10 bucks!


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