Indie Wed 2012

WOW! Life has been a whirlwind ever since Indie Wed!

This show is super sick, even if your not married its a great place to go and just get inspired. EVERY SINGLE PERSON there was a true joy to meet and we feel honored to be included in this group of talented vendors. We met some of the most amazing couples ever and would be uber pleased to be able to create their wedding day with them! Our booth was small, but bold, sort of like us. We got some snarky comments on it, but  when you cover a wedding booth in neon and plastic animals, that is to be expected. We like to think of wedding shows as our runway. Its a place to make a true statement. Think of fashion runways, you would never wear half of that crazy stuff, but its fun to look at and dream about how you could incorporate it into your day! We have big big plans for the year 2012 and this was the spark we needed, creatively and  emotionally. Still feeling like a little CALI mouse in the big cold city, this show proved to be warm and inviting, and again I am stunned by how welcoming the Chicago wedding industry is. This city truly is the friendliest! So below are some pics of our booth. I will say I was inspired by a Jesi Haack wedding I helped on awhile ago. She introduced me to flagging tape. Its like my new favorite medium and I think I will now always have some on hand.

Also, if you are a crazy bride and want to do this for your wedding, PLEASE hire us! We hand painted the animals, chargers, and all silverware, a task I don’t think any bride should do alone.

Also – we wish we would have taken more photos of OTHER things – but I guess that is what next time is for!

Event Design, Paper Products, Flowers : Jayne Weddings and Events
Chevron Runner – UltraPom Rentals
Photos – Simply Jessie Photography, Amanda Megan Miller Photography, Jayne Weddings

13 thoughts on “Indie Wed 2012

  1. this was one of my favorite spaces at the show. so bold and unexpected! i’m sure those people with the snarky comments were the same ones i overheard saying rock music shouldn’t be at a wedding show. ;) they probably just didn’t get how awesome this was!

    just lovely!

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