Holiday Gift Guide | 2011

Happy Holidays! Jayne Weddings loves the holidays, but what we love even more, is shopping for the gifts. As many people know, Katie, of Jayne Weddings and Events, has a bit of a shopping problem. To not completely overwhelm you with her top picks for holiday gifts, we kept it simple, no clothing allowed and 15 items only (there were 75!). This is a great gift guide to get everyone on your list checked off! See descriptions after the jump.

From left to right:

Umba Box | This is first on our list because its the bee’s knees. Seriously, if you are in the dog house or just really really want to make your friend/co-worker/sig. other squeal with delight, get. them. this. Its pretty much like a wine of the month club, but instead of wine, HAND-MADE goods arrive at your door! I must give a shout out to Emilee Sutherland of Tasteful Tatters for telling me about this amazing new company. Could you imagine, its like netflicks for etsy and you never have to give anything back!

The Wheatfield Prints | We absolutely love everything about these cheery prints. The artwork, the cute sayings, their attachment to the outdoors. AND the artist name is Katie Daisy, say what!, awesome.

Tini Trees | Katie has had her eyes on these tini tiny trees for months. At only $19 , they are adorable and affordable! Another esty treat!

Vintage Thermos | Recently we have been practically living off of soup. But what is a girl to do when she is on-site with no microwave in site, a thermos!  And why not make it vintage while your at it, class it up a bite. We are in love with this one, but there were so many cuties on etsy!

Sparkle Flats | These scream “Wear me for New Years Eve and your feet will be festive and comfy!” We listened. They would also be cute with jeans and a sweater at brunch the day after, thanks Steve Madden.

OPI NEON | We heart all things neon. We are 80’s babies, deal with it. Santa said its ok.

Kate Spade Tote | We are pretty sure that Kate Spade lives in Katie Jayne’s thoughts. A bold bright tote speaking of eating fluffy cake for breakfast! Katie about fainted, she needs this bag.To bad it won’t be released until the spring 2012 collection rolls out.

Animal Hat | This is for the children on your list, or friends with tiny heads. Anthro pushed the adorable envelope with this one. They call it an “Owlet Hat” , we just are not sure whether its really an owl, or maybe a bear, or a cat? Whatever it is, it’s cute.

Crochet Slippers | We are in awe of these. Warm but not bulky, crocheted to add a bit of pizazz AND they have a cute little button for added detail. Best stocking stuffer ever.

Wrap Bracelets | Like Mary Poppins, perfect in every way. Wrap. It. Up.

Stud Earrings | We are obsessed with simple studs. These remind us of those sticker earrings we used to wear back in the day, but nicer, and more adult. Rip the stickers off and stock up on all the different shapes.

Sailors Knot Bangle | If you know Katie, you know she loves bracelets and bangles, she loves wearing them by the truckload and she can never just put one bracelet on a gift guide. The bangle is a take on the original sailors knot bracelet made out of rope. While we love the simplicity of the original one, this one wont ship-wreck your killer holiday outfit. haha ship-wreak.

Memo Mountain | Favorite office gift. Its a mountain made out of cork board with tiny trees as pushpins. Not rocket science, but cute and functional. Its made to sit on your desk, but we liked it mounted on the wall.

Pop Drops | Although we have recently discovered the mamma of all candies (hello strawberry yogurt rittersport) around the office, this is our go to holiday treat. Its peppermint filled with a tootsie roll. The best part is that the popular lollipop company dropped the stick and turned its wintery treat into a drop. Its great! You can have your favorite lollipop with out looking like baby spice.


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