Bye Baby Bunting

“Bye, baby Bunting,Daddy’s gone a-hunting,Gone to get a rabbit skin to wrap the baby Bunting in.” Wait what, well that is NOT ok. I do not wish to wrap a baby in rabbit skin. Obviously this nursery rhyme has a different idea of what bunting is then I do. So lets make our own!  Pick out any combo of fabric to coordinate to the nursery. Go soft or bold. The options are limitless!

 NOTE FOR THOSE WITH NO PATIENCE: Skip steps 1 – 6 and go buy this thing on Etsy! 

To start you will need the following:

1 – Paper Templates – I made these out of leftover poster board. Make in any shape you wish.
2 – Double Sided Tape (for when you get sick of sewing)
3 – A Pen.
4 – Various patterns/colors of fabric, you choose!
5 – Fabric Scissors, to cut the fabric.
6 – Paper Scissors, to cut the paper, duh.
7 – Ribbon, any type!
8 – Sewing machine (not shown) 

Step Uno – Decide what letters/images and size of triangles you need.
Draw them out on the poster board and cut with paper scissors.

Step Two: Trace around paper templates onto the BACK of the fabric with ball point pen/pencil. For letters, flip them backwards so when you cut them out they will be facing the correct direction.
Make sure the pen doesn’t seep through to the other side of the fabric.

Step Three: Cut out what you traced onto the fabric with fabric scissors. When cutting Triangles, fold in half to get an even cut. Get crazy, we did a squiggle and zig zag pattern, totally nuts I know!

 Step Four: Pin the letter in place and sew the letter onto the first layer of the bunting.
We didn’t really know what we were doing so we went slowly
and trimmed around the letter.

Step Five: Pin the first layer onto the second triangle layer and sew the perimeter.

Step Six: Lay out your letters in the order you need them. Then run a piece of double sided table over the tops of all triangles. Next, stick the ribbion to the double sided tape (not shown, sorry, to much picture taking and sticking for this girl)

And drumroll please: Awwwwwwwww! Unfortunately, we never got a pic of this attached to the babes crib, but she seems to be enjoying it anyway.


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