I got a locket in my pocket.

Almost ever couple we meet has someone whom they wish to remember during their wedding. Although some people may see this as a sad thing, we see it as the couple wanting ALL their loved ones there to celebrate with them. We have seen this done by holding a moment of silence, have photos on a “memorial table” or placing flowers on empty seats in the front row of the ceremony. All of these solutions are great, but this couple wanted something more.

Even though the bride was super thrilled to have her brother walk her down the asile, she still wanted to feel as though her father was there, giving her away. So, we came up with this beautiful and simple locket.

This is what we did:
– scan in some old pictures and re-size them in photo-shop
– print on sticky photopaper
– cut
– stick
– dry off bouquet
– loop chain around twice
– done.

The bride was so happy. She now carries her father and all their good memories around her neck on her daily journey though life. ♥

Photo Credit: Joey Kennedy Photography


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