the baby shower that wasn’t.

On the morning of Melissa’s shower I got a call from her mother. Expecting a , “Can’t wait for today, see you at 9am”, I was shocked instead to hear “Melissa just went into labor.” I freaked, never in my life did I think this was possible, we were 3 months out from her due date. The linens had been ordered, flowers picked up, paper products printed, but most importantly…was the momma and babe safe? Thankfully the doctors were able to stop the contractions (momentarily) and stabilized the mother. Now all we could do was wait. But, since Jayne Weddings had already had everything ready to go, and the photographer showed up, we decided to throw a little impromptu styled shoot with the items and then take them all into the hospital and decor-bomb the mothers room to cheer her up. She loved having us come in with a little taste of what her shower was going to be like. Melissa has since had the baby and everyone is home safely and happy. She also had a do-over shower, which we were unable to attend, but she kept some of our ideas and decor, which turned out great. I will share pics from the decor-bomb at the hospital soon!

* Fun fact, some of the flower vessels are actually vintage glass baby bottles…so amazing!

**Another fun fact – our vintage items are for rent!


QueenBean Photography

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