apples to apples.

Living in Cali for the last couple years one of the ONLY things I missed about the east coast was fall. The leaves, hot tea, tasty (heavy) treats, the crisp air, layering clothing (finally), brisk walks with my pup and cuddling with my honey. We folks, no surprise, Chicago has Fall, and not only Fall but serious fall, i.e. it has changed from 99 degrees to like 40 in a day! I have came across many mid-westerns raving about apple picking. HOLD THE PRESSES. Apple picking is a thing! WHAT THE WHAT!!! Instantly I knew I not only had to go but I had to excel at this apple picking. Little known fact about apples – eating 1 in the morning has major waking power – similar to coffee. Little known fact about me, I have eaten an apple every single day since I was 14 (seriously, I get angry if this isn’t an option). So I consider myself a bit of an apple expert. I will be going to Indiana with my lovely friend from Fleur tomorrow and could not be more excited. So excited at the thought of strapping on my boots, layering on a few plaid items and picking apples! Then I will begin the baking. Dumplings, pies, apple chips, apple cider, apple strudel….see more of my inspiration here, this could be a good start for a wedding, wink wink.


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