Little known fact. I really REALLY wanted to wear a short dress on my wedding day, but alas, my mother told me I would look like a short stuffed doll and my now husband thinks they look silly, so I passed on the shortie for the ceremony and thought maybe I could do a quick-change (ala beyonce) for the reception. This idea is not new, its actually so popular now that many companies carry “Reception Dresses”, but after forking over the moo-lah for my wedding dress I could not dream of taking it off, ever. actually I think I should still be wearing it. Anyway, my lucky ducky sister is having her vows renewed and needed help looking for a dress! She is thinking of doing a short white one (although I thru in a few long ones that were to-die-for) I instantly put together this pinboard for her. Thought maybe there would be a brave, fashion forward bride out there needing a little lwd (little white dress) inspiration. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: The AHHHHmazing and lovely sarah sevens dress that I wanted…maybe I can still pull it off, for like a special date?


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