have a little heart.

This post has nothing to do with my crazy month of August or any event I have done. It is more a thank you to the Chicago Wedding industry. Being the “newbie” in town, just another planner/designer with indie style and cali slang, I was sure making friends and getting to know vendors here was going to be terrible. But thank goodness it has been a breeze. I want to thank all of the vendors I have met with for being so helpful and open to talking to me. There are many amazing men and women working weddings in Chicago and I feel lucky to be welcomed into your world. I am very thankful for the creation of Thursday Therapy, as going to only 1 event has easily put me in touch with some of the best vendors all at one place. I also want to give a grateful shout out to two very in tune florist, both who have made my transition to the Chicago Market practically painless. The women of Fleur and Pollen, both your styles are impeccable and the way you have treated me makes me glad to be here. You have both been so helpful and caring, I can only hope to someday be able to spread the wedding love. Many people think that the wedding industry is catty or clicky, that may be the case in other places, but I can tell you right now, its not Chicago. Looking forward to working with all of you in the coming years!

Photo: my own – yes I have felt hearts hiding all over our house :)


One thought on “have a little heart.

  1. It was fantastic to meet you! :) I’m looking forward to working together & sharing a glass of wine. :) Also, we have a few random hearts all over the apartment, too. Davey hid them on valentine’s day & a few still pop up from time to time. :)

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