Sara + Martin | A Downtown Hoedown

Sara and Martin are one of the sweetest, loving, dotting couples we have ever had the honor to work with. You’ll see it in these pictures, the way they look at each other gives me goosebumps!  They came to Jayne Weddings and Events for full event design and coordination.

Martin is from Texas and wanted his guest to feel comfortable in the windy city. The couple both work in the restaurant industry, and knew they wanted to host their wedding in a place surrounded by industry friends and family. They choose Green St. Smoked Meats because it was a bit of country with a downtown address. They also brought in foods from other restaurants they are involved with , oysters from Maudes, Coffee from La Columbe, this was a foodie wedding for sure!

The dinner service was family style, so we had to go light on the flowers, but we added fun pops of color by choosing a colorful mix of vintage glassware from Nimblewell, 4 different patterns of napkins in the same blue, and used butcher paper for the table runners! There were (bride and groom made) pickle favors, cacti, and many cowboy boots and hats!

Jayne Weddings & Events also worked closely with Aged Vintage Rentals and Foxglove Studio to create some lovely hand lettered vintage signage draped in gorg garlands!

The couple chose an amazing band who taught guests a few line dances mixed into their typical retro country sets. We made a giant 8 foot gold fringe star to shine over the entire occasion. Although it rained for the reception (which was fine, as it made the venue look even more magical!) The ceremony was held outdoors at the Humbolt Formal Gardens. Martin, the groom even mowed the aisle the morning of, just to make sure everything was perfect for his bride!

Pen Carlson shot some killer photos. We had a hard time choosing which ones to share, so enjoy this very long blog post!




Event Design & Full Service Coordination: Jayne Weddings & Events
Photography: Pen Carlson
Ceremony Venue: Humbolt Park Formal Gardens
Venue: Green Street Smoked Meats
Florist: Foxglove Studio
Wedding Musicians: Golden Horse Ranch Band
Cake: Luscious Layers
Hair: Debbie Petrielli
Make Up: Nika Vaughan
Glassware Rentals : Nimblewell
Vintage Rentals : Aged Vintage Rentals
Dress, Sash : Behldn

Kelly + Bryant | Chicago Style Romance

Wow. It has been a LONG time since we have blogged a wedding! So long, in fact, that this wedding is from LAST YEAR! We have a ton of images coming in from so many weddings, so get ready to get your pretty on in the coming months! You can even subscribe (look to the right!), so you don’t miss any of it!

Kelly and Bryant love Chicago. Almost as much as they love each other (which is like a ton, seriously, they are like teenagers around each other, its euphoric and awesome to be around!) They went with a very classic palate of navy, greens, and white. Pistil and Vine made the event even better with their chuppa design and super pretty centerpieces! There were Chicago themed drinks, and table numbers, Garrett’s popcorn and even a Bears themed grooms cake! We are so honored to be part of it all at the beautiful Ivy Room, a elegant venue in downtown Chicago!

Our favorite element were the super sweet favors! The couple had Magnificent Milestones put together some gorg letter-pressed recipe cards of the couples favorite recipes. How personal and fun!

Now, get lost in it all with this gorg photos from Laura Meyer Photography:



Month Of Coordination/Hand Lettering: Jayne Weddings
Venue: The Ivy Room
Photography: Laura Meyer Photography
Florist: Pistil & Vine
Draping: Frost
Catering: Calihan Catering
Cake: Luscious Layers Bakery
Photobooth: Shutterbooth
Favor Cards: Magnificent Milestones


Mother’s Day DIY

I absolutely LOVE my mamma. She taught me how to bake a mean pie, how to be an independent women, and she once bought me a book of crafts that cost no money to make, i.e. my bible. And although I love her to pieces, I am still ALWAYS late with a Mother’s Day gift. It falls in the midst of wedding season, and while that’s no excuse, I’m using it. So this year, I looked to intern Taya for a quick, thoughtful, awesome gift I could make in an evening. Now if only she lived closer, I could just drop it off!

Taya found this super cute DIY in the land of Pinterest and tried it our herself! Looks so lovely!


Mother’s Day Salt Dough Bowl


Flour: 1 cup

Salt: 1 Cup

Water: ½ a Cup



Mixing bowl, wax paper, rolling pin. Rolling cutter or sharp knife, measuring cup, doily mod podge (satin or gloss), paintbrush, small metal bowl, and tin foil.

Step 1: Mix ingredients, adding water as needed. Dough should feel like playdough (not crumbly and not wet). If dough is too wet knead in some flour.

Step 2: Sprinkle a sheet of wax paper with flour, form dough into a ball, sprinkle with additional flour and roll into a flat ¼ inch disk. Plan on flour flying everywhere.

Step 3: Place a plate face side down onto dough disk. Trim with rotary cutter.

Step 4: Place doily onto flat trimmed disk of dough and roll lightly with rolling pin to make impression of lace. Peel off doily.

Step 5: Lay the dough disk into a bowl. I used a glass bowl which probably wasn’t one of my smarter ideas. Then put it in the freezer for 20 minutes to hold its shape. After that I put it into a foil lined stainless steel bowl for the oven.

Step 6: Bake at 200° for about 2 hours. This is where the mother’s day love comes into play! I was so impatient waiting for this.

Step 7: Wait even longer for it to Cool Completely!

Step 8: Seal by painting mod podge on both sides.

Step 9: Mother’s Day Jewelry Bowl Complete!

Gift Guide | For the Guys

Taya, our intern at large, is back with her shopping list to make any dude super stoked he is a groomsmen! Take it away Taya!

“Grooms, this one’s for you! While bridesmaid’s gifts tend to lean towards the sentimental, groomsmen gifts tend to be more practical in nature. Due to the fact that guys don’t often buy one another gifts, the decision can be difficult, but you know your friends better than anyone. Are they music buffs or sports fans? Are they adventurous or into fitness? Either way our gift suggestion list will give you some ideas for every kind of budget and for every kind of guy.”


1 - “Man Things Pouch” - as opposed to lady things, which would not fit in 1 pouch! – $18

2 -  Phaidon Where Chefs Eat- if you don’t want this book, we can not be friends, trust me – $20

3 - Pulco Card holder- for the business man who has his stuff together, but doesnt have to be snooty about it! – $30

4 - Hair on your Chest Flask Set- could be used right before you walk down the aisle, could be… – $38

5 - TGRShrk Men’s standard Issue tee - Tees from Dirty Heads singer Jared Watson for your rocker friends – $42

6 - Stock MFG Teal Plaid Tie- we love our former grooms company, and so will your dudes! – $45

7Anchor Bracelet- because your boys always make it happen…captain- $58

8 -  Ollo Clip- clip it on your phone for 4 different lenses – $70-

9Burton Rider’s Snowboard Pack – because at one point this man saved your life, here dude, have a backpack – $62.83

10 - Merkur Gift set shave kit - help your men look their best – $108 

11 - Rayban Andy Sunglasses – always in style, now you can even customize them to look exactly how you want-  $125

12. Nike + Fuel Band - my hubs is obsessed with this, get your guys in shape and ready to dance at your wedding – $149

*editors note  – Katie Jayne couldn’t help herself and added in her feelings on these gifts, these thoughts are her own and do not represent Taya’s thoughts on these gifts!

Cute Couple Alert!

In this business, I meet a ton of couples. And while we love them all, this couples story just gives me goosebumps. How can you not love a couple who can cook for each other out of the world meals from start to finish! They are people after my own heart! I stumbled upon this story recently and just had to share. We can not WAIT until their October wedding! Check out them and other foodie lovers here!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 2.59.33 PM

Gift Guide | For The Girls

We love a good gift guide and our latest intern at large put together this stellar list of goodies to gift to all your bridesmaids and other lovely ladies. Take it away Taya!

“The Bridesmaid Gift is just one more decision in the seemingly endless array of decisions surrounding a wedding. On your big day, some of the people you want to honor most are your best girlfriends- who have been there through all the ups and downs of your relationship and shared your journey to the walk down the aisle.

Regardless of your budget, the gifts should be memorable and as unique as you group of girls. Remember that the bridesmaids have been spending on their dresses, your bachelorette party, and your bridal shower. Here’s your opportunity to say thank you in a personal and meaningful way.

Because some bridal parties can grow quite large, expensive gifts aren’t always an option. Here are some ideas to suit every budget. Listed from lowest to highest price point.”


1. Monogrammed Shot glasses - b/c things that are monogrammed are awesome, things that hold vodka are also awesome -  $12
2. Uplift- Dead Sea Salts - because a former bride of ours makes them, and they smell as amazing as the packaging looks! -  $19
3. “Hudson Jewelry Box” in glass-  – hold your favorite bits and bobbles, what more do you need? – $25
4. Elle Est Forte {She is strong} Tankcan we just talk about how great these are? Strong message printed on a killer tee, every lady we know needs on of these! – $27
5. Custom soft-covered, sustainable photobooks. - THESE BOOKS. You can make them on your phone they are so simple, the layouts are beautiful and your girls will think you slaved away on this very personal gift – $17- $37
6. Lavender Soy Candle - We can’t even begin to be able to relay how awesome these candles smell, and they last forever – $38
7. Largo Jewelry Boxits a bigger box, to put even more bits and bobbles, why not? – $40
8. “Saying Bangles” - I’ll take a legit bangle over a diamond any day, check out this site, they have a plethora to choose from! – $45
9. Silver Initial Ringsits goes back to “things that are monogrammed are awesome”  – $45 (or $135 for stack of three)
10. The Born Rocker Travel Wallet - its black and gold, it hold your credit cards and and maybe a lip gloss, its basically our favorite – $95
11. Monogrammed Ice Bucket with a bottle of champagnemonogrammed, check, holds bubbly, check, screams of joy, check -  $99 +
12. Hipanema Bracelet -the ultimate friendship bracelet, instead of having to tie them on, they connect with a magnate, meaning  you can easily switch them out based on your outfit! -  $118.
13. Fujifilm Fine Pix X60- Waterproof & Shockproof camera - because a picture is still worth a 1000 words, even if you drop your camera 1000 times –   $160-200 

*editors note  – Katie Jayne couldn’t help herself and added in her feelings on these gifts, these thoughts are her own and do not represent Taya’s thoughts on these gifts!

Meet the Interns! | 2014 Internship Program

We are THRILLED to announce that the Jayne Weddings & Events team is growing! With Nicole moving into a lead coordinator position, we had space to bring on a new intern. But after interviewing a ton of talent, we couldn’t just bring on one, so we chose two!

Meet Taya! Taya will be assisting us the day of, as well helping us network, run errands, schedule meetings, blog, and so much more! She is also currently working on super cool styled shoot. This girl is uber creative, we can’t wait to see it all come together!


Name: Taya Lyskanycz
School: Syracuse University ( BFA in Interior Design, see, I told you, creative.)
Random Fact: I have a surprising amount of upper body strength from rowing for 4 years on my high school crew team. (that will come in handy!)
Why do you love Weddings? The photographs will be seen for generations to come- that’s why every bride wants the details to be so perfect. Also, it’s possibly the greatest party you’ll ever throw!

Meet Liz! Liz will be assisting us the day of with all our crazy installs. The girl works on Anthro window installs, so we knew she would fit the bill! She is also currently learning CS6, so hopefully soon she will be busting out custom designs for all our favorite couples!


Name: Liz King
School: Ohio University (Go buckeyes! mmmm, buckeyes)
Random Fact: Secretly dreams of being a DJ (Don’t we all!)
Why do you love Weddings? I love weddings because the idea of being apart of such a meaningful day that the couple will remember forever is such a cool feeling. (Awwwww, we feel the same way!)

Feeling Blue | Indie Wed 2014

We know, we know, its still snowing in most parts of the country and the LAST thing you want is some cool blue tones filling up your eyeballs, but we must share with you the booth we put together for Indie Wed! We love this wedding show as we use it to show fun couples what there wedding could be! This year we went much more toned down then last year, but still very over the top. Jayne is about to release our new branding and we are so in love with our new logo, we thought why not have it cut out of gorg gold plexi! Its sorta a “duh” move, so simple it hurts. We knew we wanted to use mostly blue, as its a really lovely color that we dont get to use enough in the wedding world. We chose a heavy cuddly velvet navy backdrop to set the stage. We worked closely with Aged Vintage Rentals, whom we shared the booth. We wanted something blue but still organic and spring like. We used their farmhouse table, marylanders chairs, sunset table, and many trunks and boxes. All of them mixed in well to create something that felt boho but still very put together. Our favorite type of look. IndieWed2014_blog For the table we chose to hand cut gold paper for the place cards and sat them atop a gorg slice of agate accented by a sunny napkin. This right here is Katie Jayne’s favorite combo; shiny, nature, pop of color. Rinse and repeat. We also scored a sick cali-mex inspired table runner at the very last second to help complete this look. Vintage coup glasses, champs, gold flatware, only the best for indie wed! The canopy was made with 20 yards of fabric! All different tons of blue, ripped and hand braided. We mixed in some garland we strung together and spray painted gold. The “beads” are actually coffee straws, we felt like we where back in middle school making a giant bracelet.But our favorite part of the entire booth, was the smaller floating shapes we made to hang air plants in. Simple, dreamy, now in our studio. Big thanks to Fox Glove Studio for creating the lush lovelies and Re:Find Joy for all the awesome vintage brass vessels! . She even hand gilded some of the pots to make them pop more! Also THANK YOU Julia Franzosa Photography for snapping some pics! You are the bees knees..

Michelle + Brandon | A Bohemian Fiesta

Jayne Weddings & Events met with Michelle and Brandon and instantly fell in love with this couple. You could feel the love between them, it was magnetic. Michelle wanted something part industrial, part bohemian. Pops of bold reds, soft metallic, sweet pinks and lots of white.

It was a very warm day in Chicago, and just as the event was about to start a major rain storm rolled in. For most, this would have been a terrible thing, but we never saw Michelle or Brandon stop smiling. As the bride walked down the candle lined aisle with her father, the rain pinged on the tin roof, setting the most intimate stage. The ceremony was set within many warm pillar candles against a neutral fabric backdrop made by the bride. The couple exchanged vowels while standing an Aztec print carpet.  It all was just so perfect!

For the reception, baby cacti and desert flowers were mixed with garden roses on all the cocktail tables. There were a plethora of tasty cakes, mexican wedding cookies, here was even a margarita bar! Guest nibbled on Big Star tacos and empanadas.

Michelle who dabbles in graphic design made all the signage and menus, while Brandon, a DJ, played the greatest dance music. The ceremony space was flipped into a dance floor during cocktail hour, complete with some surprise giant balloons! Guest mingled, danced and ate their way into the night.

Event Coordination; Jayne Weddings & Events
Ceremony & Reception space; Open Secrets Studio
Officiant: Grooms Mother Pam
Florist: Reception – Jayne Weddings & Events, Personals: Sprout Home-
Photographer: D’Art Photographie
Catering: Big Star
Cake: Sam Duffy Cakes (no website)            
PhotoBooth: Shutterbooth